Injection grout

Issuing time:2019-04-20 14:41


Waterproofing: The material structurally and originally avoid water to penetrate building. Mostly applying on building surface, basement, other internal parts requiring waterproof and water storage structures etc. Waterproof materials divides into 2 groups, one is materially, the other is structurally proof. The Materially proof is to stop water by waterproof products, for instance, rolling proof, film proof, cements and concrete rigid waterproof, also including clays and lime soil waterproof etc. Construal waterproof is to stop water by applying appropriate structure, such as water stop or cavity structure etc.

Inject grout: mainly for penetration in basement, including industrial and civil usage, also applying for project protection, mountain caves, railway, and water pipe. For the project of basement, due to issues from design, constructing, relative materials, unqualified construction basement sink or natural disaster etc., the leakage occur frequently. These leakages impact on the time limit of project; moreover, impact on the safety of the construction.

Kaishuo coordinating with own subsidiary-Henan Xingjie to provide relative consultation, project solutions, construction and all relative conducts. On the perspective of consultation and solution, we coordinate with universities of China and overseas, such as The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tokyo University and Qingdao University of Technology etc. From the aspect of materials, Kaishuo cooperates with well-known manufacturer of China and overseas, in China, Kaishuo is the franchiser and stock centre of Yuwang waterproof, JIngyuda Group and Jiangsu Kailun construction material group; and is the general agent of De Neef ® Group of China Mainland, and also coordinates with GCP® Group, to provide the professional relative materials.